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  • 120L, 150L Vertical AutoclaveThe 120L, 150L vertical autoclave has an exhaust structure which is convenient to exhausts the cold air.
    It automatically shuts off with a beep ...
  • 35L Vertical AutoclaveThe 35L vertical autoclave has a double scale indication pressure gauge.
    It shuts off automatically with a beep reminder after sterilization.
  • 50L Vertical AutoclaveThe indicator light of the 50L vertical autoclave shows the working state.
    It offers over temperature and over pressure auto-protection.
  • Heated Portable SterilizerIt is electrically or LPG heated.
    The heated portable sterilizer has a double scale indication pressure gauge.
    It is easy to operate, safe and reliable.
  • Stainless Steel Desktop Steam SterilizerThe stainless steel desktop steam sterilizer offers 4~6 minutes of rapid sterilizing.
    It offers a digital display of the working status by the touch of a key.
  • Digital Display Desktop Steam SterilizerThe digital display desktop steam sterilizer has a door safety lock system.
    It has four stainless steel sterilizing plates.
    The chamber of the sterilizer is made of ...
  • 20L Desktop Steam SterilizerThe 20L desktop steam sterilizer has an over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device:
    The chamber of the sterilizer is made of ...
  • UV Sterilizer TrolleyThe UV sterilizer trolley is used in the medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical and food making sectors as well as families and factories, mines, institutions, etc. for air sterilization.
    Supply Voltage: AC220V, 50Hz
    Power: 70VA, 130VA
  • Electric Water Distilling ApparatusPure distilled water is one of the most useful liquids in the hospitals, healthcare centers, research institutes and analytic laboratories. Our electric water distilling ...

BINJIANG is a specialized autoclave and steam sterilizer manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including vertical autoclave, horizontal autoclave, portable sterilizer, tabletop steam sterilizer, UV sterilizer trolley, blast drying oven, and others.